Leading OOH



Posterscope is the world's leading Out-of-Home Communications agency.


We aim to continually build understanding of the role of Out-Of-Home in the connected economy and we always put consumer insight at the heart of our planning to ensure that we deliver the most relevant Out-Of-Home communications for our customers.


Exclusive to Posterscope, our global Out-of-Home Consumer Survey (OCS) is a sophisticated planning tool based on a survey of over 100,000 adults offering insight into consumers, their lifestyles and attitudes and their relationships with media and advertising. So when a customer approaches us with a brief, we know who their consumers are, their moods and mindsets, their media consumption and the best time and place to connect with them.


Thanks to our market leading tools and proprietary research based planning systems we better understand emerging technology and consumer behavior when Out-Of-Home and how the two combine to create new opportunities for advertisers.


Our market leading tools ensure we are always one step ahead of the market. We have a wealth of data, intelligence, experience and technological expertise that are essential ingredients and continually evolve to meet the changing dynamics in our market. Our suite of tools not only gives our planners and buyers the technological edge but also allows us to demonstrate the highest level of precision and accountability in our medium.